While art can take on many forms, this portion of the website is dedicated specifically to visual expressions of creativity. Therapeutically, creating art helps relieve stress by allowing you to focus on details you may not normally recognize as-well-as giving your mind a break from regular thoughts that seem to take over at times. Art can also help stimulate the release of dopamine, and puts the mind in a state similar to meditation. It has also been shown that those who engage in the creation of drawing, painting, sculpting, etc., stimulate their brains and enhances neuroplasticity, a much-needed attribute the older we get. Below is a collection of visual imagery meant to encourage, inspire, or just bring you peace…

(If you have suggestions for artwork you would like to see on this page, please send me an email at and I will do my best to get it posted. In the email please specify if you are okay with me putting your first name under the post and give me a few sentences on the significance of the piece of artwork and what it has meant to you)

Images coming soon…




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