Picture in your mind the last time you sat around the glowing flicker of fire. Perhaps you were camping or simply sitting out in the yard. Maybe as you were enjoying the warmth of the fire on a cool autumn day you were surrounded by family members and friends. Taking turns sharing stories and recounting memories of times gone by.

If you stop for a minute and simply listen, you can hear laughter along with the sound of the wind, gently blowing through the trees, and the crackle of the logs on the fire in front of you. As you take a deep breath, you smell the cool evening air and the scent of the cedar wood that is keeping the flame alive. If you slow down long enough to look around, you can see the heavens lite up by a full moon and countless stars twinkling in the vast distance yet feel close enough to touch.

You focus your attention back on the fire and watch for several minutes as the flames dance and sway, shooting tiny embers into the dark blue tapestry that is the night sky. Finally, you look back at the faces of those around you and see expressions of joy and happiness, seemingly without a care in the world. And for a brief moment, like one of the embers fading into the sky, you feel a sense of calm and quiet resolve. As you sit motionless in an absolute state of peace, all of the worries, anxiety, and stressors of your chaotic and crazy life are a million miles away.

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