Experiential Treatment
Life Skills

At Project Ember Counseling, we have a unique opportunity to provide both Experiential Treatment Activities and Life Skills Training and mentorship to children, youth, and adults as part of the treatment process. For some, traditional “talk therapy” may be effective, but doesn’t always meet the need of the client where they are at or in a way that best suits them. Through the use of Experiential Treatment Activities and Life Skills training, clients are able to participate in hands-on, interactive exercises. Research shows that this form of therapy helps increase a clients level of engagement and interest in the process, while still being able to focus on topics like managing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, substance use, copings skills, self-esteem building, and overall sense of personal value. 

What are Experiential Treatment Activities

 Experiential Treatment Activities, also known as ETA’s, are therapeutic interventions that help take the focus off a client talking about their thoughts or feelings, allowing them to participate in a hands-on activity to engage their senses and process their thoughts and emotions in a more holistic way. While there are numerous ways to do this including equine and animal assisted therapy, wilderness therapy, and many others, at Project Ember Counseling we utilize mediums such as art (clay, painting, and drawing), play (sand trays, toys, and games), adventure (outdoor activities and experiences), music, writing, cooking, woodworking, design and building, sports, and many more. Additionally, ETA’s can be used in a group setting to help clients with interpersonal development, communication skills, pro-social activities with peers, and leadership skills.

We have found that by working with clients to engage their senses and practice mindfulness through enjoyable activities in a therapeutic setting, they are often better able to process difficult emotions and past experiences in health, meaningful ways.    

Life Skills Training and Mentorship

 In addition to traditional “talk therapy” and Experiential Treatment Activities, Project Ember Counseling also provides clients with the opportunity to participate in our Life Skills Training and Youth Mentorship programs. While still therapeutic in nature, these programs also focus on working along side clients to help facilitate growth in areas of personal development, motivation, self-discipline, and a tangible skillset that may be used in a vocational setting as they work toward future independence. Conducted in a more casual yet structured manner, clients are able to work with their peer specialist mentor to formulate a personalized plan, identifying specific life skills they would like to work on as part of their treatment goals. Objectives can range anywhere from budgeting, finance, grocery shopping and cooking, to learning vehicle maintenance and general repair, home maintenance, basic plumbing and electrical, drywall and painting, woodworking, and so much more…

At Project Ember Counseling we believe in treating the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. By attending to a person’s mental health and basic needs, one can build a sense of positive self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence, discovering maybe for the first time a greater sense of value and purpose.        


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